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Course information (online lesson)

Shinayaka Dance Course

This course is designed for those who want to master Japanese dance with the "Shinayaka Method" in their choreography and learn how to behave in an elegant, flexible, flowing manner. This course is designed to help you master both dance and manners at the same time.

Shinayaka Dance Course (One Short Dance)

Shinayaka Method Basics Course

Shinayaka Dance Completion Course & Instructor Certification

FullmyBijin Academy Certified Instructor

If you have completed the Basic Course and the Completion Course and wish to become a certified instructor, you will receive the FullmyBijin Academy Instructor Certification. It is a condition of a certified instructor to continue taking advanced lessons.

In addition to the certification fee, certified instructors are required to take advanced lessons once a month for 5,000 yen in order to maintain and improve their skills.

Certification fee for instructors: 50,000 yen

The Gentleman's Behavior Course

This course is designed for men to master the points of manners that make them confident, attractive and give a good impression to others.

All the above courses are online and require an additional one time admission fee of 15,000 yen. Payment method PayPal. Course prices do not include a one time PayPal transaction fee and a 10% consumption tax.