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At FullmyBijin Academy, you can learn (online) how to become a refined woman of elegance, radiating beauty and sophistication -- a woman truly to be admired. We also offer online courses for men on becoming classy, sophisticated gentlemen.

Shinayaka Dance

Some people want to learn Japanese dance expecting that they will quickly acquire beautiful, elegant movements. However, it takes a long time to develop these skills. Even if you master the choreography of the dance, it is still another matter to master the skills of proper movement. Moreover, if you focus too much on choreography, you can strain or possibly injure your body. We offer a Shinayaka Dance course that incorporates the "shinayaka method" in oder to obtain beautiful, graceful, flowing movement. It is a completely new genre of dance that has never been seen before, and it is a course where you can learn both dance and beautiful movements at the same time.

Shinayaka Shosa

With Mai Sakurakawa's "Shinayaka Method", anyone can learn to behave in a graceful, sophisticated and attractive manner. The "Shinayaka Shosa" you will learn here is a beautiful behavior born from Japanese dance. With my many years of experience in Japanese dance, I teach the world of beauty that I have acquired, in a way that is quick and easy to understand. I will teach you the joy of expressing your heart and how to move your body with minimal effort while learning to stand and sit beautifully with flowing manners and sexy gestures. In Japanese "Shinayaka" means beautiful and soft movements like a willow tree. Thus, the Shinayaka Method teaches you how to express yourself with graceful, flowing and elegant motions.

The Gentlemen's Behavior

The beauty of behavior attracts people regardless of age, position or gender. Most of the methods on how to behave are for women; however, men can also attain beautiful manners and behavior in their own way.

"The Gentlemen's Behavior" course is designed to help men become more gentlemanly and attractive to either women or men. It is designed to help men become more attractive by mastering the points of behavior that will make a good impression on others.

FullmyBijin Academy offers various courses for both men and women to help them develop attractive and sophisticated behavior. Begin your transformation today by contacting us.


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Yumiko Suzuki (Instructor)

FMBA (FullmyBijin Academy): Please, tell us what made you decide to take the course.

Yumiko: I'm a professional instructor on how to dress and wear kimono. Since having completed the instructor certification from FullmyBijin Academy, I realize that the complete form of a beautiful kimono dressing lies not only in the dressing itself but also comes from deep inside the person wearing the kimono, manifesting in the person’s behavior and physical development. Understanding this has had a great influence on me and is the reason that I wanted to take this course.

FMBA: What kind of image did you have of your behavior before learning the Shinayaka Method of FullmyBijin Academy, and how did your behavior change as a result of what you learned at FMBA?

Yumiko: Before attending FMBA, I thought that my behavior was only related to etiquette. But, now, I know that proper behavior is not only related to manners but also to the beauty and elegance of motion. This is how my behavior has changed.

FMBA: Please tell us about the changes in your mind and body as a result of learning the method of FullmyBijin Academy.

Yumiko: Pictures are often taken of my work, and I use them for my SNS, the use of which is not for self-gratification but for promoting and increasing the popularity of kimono wearing. As a result of the method of FMBA, I have become more confident in my physical appearance and in the philosophy that I want to teach my students and others on SNS.

FMBA: Has learning the Shinayaka Method changed the way people percieve you?

Yumiko: In order to expand the range of kimono dressing classes, and to appeal to a wider audience, I am offering what I call Denim kimono Lessons. There are some people who think, "How can a kimono dressing teacher give lessons on how to wear denim? However, I believe that the knowledge of how to conduct oneself while wearing kimono can be translated into everday behavior and dressing. As a result of trying to appeal to a wider audience, I feel that I am being recognized and acknowledged by the people around me. Sometimes, the only way to break the mold is to follow the mold -- this is what I have come to understand.

FMBA: From a student's perspective, could you describe instructor Mai's lesson to someone who is interested in learning?

Yumiko: As with anything, I feel that if you don't work hard to achieve a certain perfection, that you have envisioned, then your hard work will be wasted, and the practice of kimono is thus useless. With instructor Mai's lessons, it is the practice of polishing yourself like a mirror in order to match the perfection of the kimono. I also think that her practice is not only for learning quickly but for improving one's level of expertise. Teacher Mai's lessons are very enjoyable, polite and precise. I appreciate the way she communicates nuances in the language of dance, in a way that is easy to understand.

FMBA: What were some of the difficulties in learning the Shinayaka method?

Yumiko: Dressing is a very demanding job, and it is also hard work, so it was difficult, at first, to learn how to relax my shoulders. However, using the Shinayaka Method, I gradually learned how to move correctly and found myself saying, "Ah!" By doing instructor mai's exrecises I was thus able to relax my shoulders and move more effortlessly.

FMBA: What attracts you to instructor Mai, and what is your impression of her?

Yumiko: I simply fell in love with the beauty and elegance of her style as Japanese traditional dancer.

FMBA: Do you think the Shinayaka Method has become a lifelong asset for you?

Yumiko: Yes, most definitely!